The Self-Assassinating President


Well, you know with a title like that, the gumshoes are bound to arrive at my door……

I remember during the presidential campaign of 2008, when I was appalled that at an Obama event in Dallas, the security people stopped checking attendants. WTF, I thought, this is Dallas!

And there have been really ugly things that Obama’s candidacy/presidency brought to surface. The worst this country has to offer; racism, willful ignorance, and the dreadful forgetfulness that besets this land.

And yet, after the worst presidency in our history, one in which almost every day was an outrage, Obama could not cash in on political capital.

Sometime, in the past year, it has crossed my mind that Obama does not really like being president. He was all about the process of getting power, but never yielding it. He wants to be liked? He has some idea of himself that he wants to portray?

Although I normally would hesitate from psychoanalysis upon people I have never met, I am stuck thinking about Obama’s pride and gratefulness to his asshole father, when the elder visited in Hawaii, and gave him a basketball.

One which he gratefully accepts from Mitch O’Connell & John Boehner today.


6 Responses to “The Self-Assassinating President”

  1. sisdevore Says:

    much thanks to melvinartemis for taking the wikileak. (hih) I am shocked that even people who I have discussed politics comfortably with over the years want him dead.

  2. d3n4l1 Says:

    If I start blogging here, who is going to take care of phuq yew?

    • sisdevore Says:

      dunno. not too familiar with that crowd anymore. it all went to hell after susan something left.

      • d3n4l1 Says:

        reluctantly, I have to admit that it did.

        I mean not reluctant to say that it went to hell, but that it’s a barren wasteland with not very much growing.

  3. artemis54 Says:

    Just caught his press conference, in which he announced that it is his official policy to negotiate with terrorists.

    It took 50 senators to pass the temporary tax cuts, with none other than Dick Cheney breaking the tie. But 58 Dems can’t vote to let them sunset on schedule?

    A party and a president that are much worse than worthless.

    What a disaster. Foisted off on us by the usual suspects. Worst of all the cult of personality and identiy poltics rampant on the socalled left. One more compelling life story and I’ll slit my wrists. Odds on the next time? The idiot media (dkos etc) will fob off another compelling life story. They never learn.

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