Sunscreen protects me from the rays of hope, but gets in my eye.


Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that the Gulf is destroyed. Not only the wondrous beaches, but more importantly the ecosystem. I suppose someone has already coined the term “oilocaust”. If some human went on a frenzy of killing all the wildlife in your neighborhood, it would seem absolutely insane. If a corporation does it, the impression is blunted.

We will have a double-dip recession, and another or 2, Vietnams to the tenth power.

A lab rat would have learned by now.

Someone had the temerity to post a crab-stuffed shrimp recipe on-line today.


4 Responses to “Sunscreen protects me from the rays of hope, but gets in my eye.”

  1. artemis54 Says:


  2. sisdevore Says:

    It is strange that the iconic image is streaming in real time on line. 24/7 of out-of-control environmental destruction.

    I mean, get the fucking message.

  3. artemis54 Says:

    This sounds like great summer reading: Bathroom Safari

    How to Get Rid of Crabs

    • Shave a one-inch strip through the middle of the pubic hair
    • Rub kerosene onto one side
    • Light it
    • When the lice run across the strip, stab them with an ice pick
  4. artemis54 Says:

    The Gulf of Hell:

    Where is the fund to reimburse the insult to nature? (another $20 billion? $20 trillion? This is a new crime, war on the future itself.)

    Show us more pics of a few pelicans getting cleaned. Publish the numbers of dead birds and sea turtles, precise numbers, without acknowledging that they represent at most ten percent of the dead of those species, and they are easy to find because they float.

    The puppets dance in Toronto.

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