The Get Out Migration begins


Alexandra Morton has begun her Get Out Migration with a blessing from her neighbors.

She won’t be alone for long.

Morton’s Mission Statement, as posted at Salmon are Sacred:

The Get Out Migration is a call to action to make government aware that we want wild salmon to take higher priority than farm salmon. Farms belong on land. We will start walking from Sointula, at the north end of Vancouver Island, on April 23 and arrive in Victoria May 8. Hundreds of people have pledged to walk portions of the trip, there are events under planning every night (itinerary).

There are simultaneous migrations springing up in BC and other places in the world (See here). People are making salmon flags, placcards and artwork to carry as they join us on the way. On May 8 we do the final stretch from the Vancouver ferry to the Victoria Parliament Buildings. This is an opportunity for every single person who wants wild salmon to make themselves visible to government. Unless we all stand up our fish will continuing dying of politics that no longer serve the people, nor our living world.

People are also taking action by signing our global petition for wild salmon, joining 20,000 people in signing the letter to the Minister of Fisheries, sending a card to westcoast Fisheries critic MP Fin Donnelly. And send us pictures of your wild salmon art and you.

The tragedy of the commons is common but if we all stand up we do not have to be this tragedy.

I look forward to seeing you downstream,
Alexandra Morton


5 Responses to “The Get Out Migration begins”

  1. cometman Says:

    Finally got a chance to watch that. I really hope she is successful. From what I understand the Canadian government tends to favor the big fishing businesses. I saw a great documentary a few years ago on LinkTV where small time fishermen took over government offices in Canada to protest a policy which favored the big factory trawlers. The government made some promises to get the fishermen to stand down which they immediately broke once they had their offices back and the fishermen lost.

    Morton seems like she’s too smart to fall for any government bullshit. Thanks again for posting about this.

  2. Stemella Says:

    The first film brought tears. What a great woman and a great cause. Some of the scenes too show exactly why good socks are essential. I’ll pass on the salmon are sacred site to my friends who still live in the Gulf Islands. I wish them and the wild salmon only success.

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