have another good Friday finding jesus on your own


Ok, I do remember saying I didn’t want to get too you-tubey. But there is a difference between the occasional use and responding back & forth with youtube clips.

In other words, it is ok if I do it.

I would be really starry-eyed if I could imagine Russ Feingold filling Steven’s seat. It would be awesome, as these youngfolk say.


5 Responses to “have another good Friday finding jesus on your own”

  1. artemis54 Says:

    I am as guilty as anyone of overusing the u tubes I guess. I always thought they had a place as background music and really aren’t used enough as such. Ideally they could focus, not distract. Then again, it’s okay to just express a mood – when you and I do it.

    This afternoon, for instance.

  2. artemis54 Says:

    ¿Quien es mas loco?

    With the Palin/Bachmann Crazypalooza dominating the news, it’s about time for the men to step up.

    Enter Rex Rammel, candidate for Idaho governor (R of course), hoping to unseat Butch Otter who is starting to look relatively sane in comparison. (No, you couldn’t make these names up.)

    His charming platform includes the eradication of all wolves in Idaho, the immediate deportation of all illegal aliens, nullification of the federal income tax, reclaiming all federal land in Idaho for the state, etc.

    Here’s his statement on global warming:

    I do not support the theory that man is primarily responsible for global warming. There is too much science to the contrary. I believe carbon trading to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is an economy killer and frankly is possibly the greatest hoax ever played on the human race. Carbon dioxide is one of the most vital gases in our environment. It feeds plant growth. If the world continues to warm (the last ten years it has cooled) and the amount of carbon dioxide rises, we will see a greener more vibrant world. Agriculture land will produce more food for man and animals and energy demand for heating during the cold months will decrease. I see no down side to a slight increase in the temperature to the globe. The catastrophic consequences predicted by the doomsayers are evidence of their lack of faith in a Supreme Being who holds the creation and the future of the world in His hands.

    Rammel has even managed to alienate many in his own LDS church, who object to among other things his mixing of religion and politics in holding private political/prayer meetings with church elders behind closed doors.

    Rex finally hit the big time again today – for the first time since his early advocacy of the assassination of President Obama – with his assertion that the use of force by private militias is a good thing. They’re just defending order. Down, Rex, Down!

    Interesting that his bio begins with his birth near Yellowstone Park, which he wants to abolish along with pretty much everything else that’s happened since the Civil War.

    Top that, ladies!

  3. artemis54 Says:

    When does NOLA get a break? After everything else, now a plague of vermin. Strange I don’t see much about Katrina, recovery, wetlands restoration.

  4. artemis54 Says:

    You mentioned in another thread the possibility of politicians taking on the mining companies. That hope is forlorn, according to the talking heads on CNN, because in this “tough year for Democrats,” they have to run away from the unions. Eventually they will run out of people to run away from.

    Ask Al Gore how well it worked out to run away from the unions and environmentalists.

  5. artemis54 Says:

    Since they’re going to bitch anyway, fuck em up good. Jerry Brown, Jennifer Granholm. Hell, ram Amy Goodman down their throats and see how they like it.

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