A Million Apples for Haiti


A little prouder of my neighbors today.

The Yakima Valley Grower-Shippers Association will launch its A Million Apples for Haiti campaign on Sunday with a benefit concert headlined by local band The Village Musicians.

The original idea floating around was to send apples. But the logistics were too daunting, and the benefits too ephemeral. So the plan shifted to building houses with apples.

Each participating fundraising group around the valley – 24 now – will be given several hundred boxes of apples donated by growers, and sell them for $20/box, with the goal of each group financing one new family home in Haiti.

And they’re still going to ship a thousand boxes of apples to the island for distribution.

Good PR? You bet. It’s doing well by doing good.


One Response to “A Million Apples for Haiti”

  1. cometman Says:

    What’s that old quote about a few determined people being the only thing that ever makes a difference? Congress isn’t going to help the Haitians, they’re still trying to figure out the best way to exploit the situation.

    Good for these guys. Well done.

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