But the underlying premise is?


Yes, it is way cool, even way cold, that shrimp have been discovered underneath Antarctica, but the article painfully, IMO, suggests that the discovery indicates life can be sustained on other planets.

So, never mind, if you trash this one.

8 Responses to “But the underlying premise is?”

  1. cometman Says:

    Here’s a related story about Antartic ice critters. This study had to be cut short due to dangerous ice conditions possibly caused by the area warming. The researchers speculate that the breaking ice letting in light could destroy these underwater ecosystems which are not used to it.

  2. artemis54 Says:

    Born at the right time?

    Call me a softy, but it is very gratifying to see what has happened to Constance McMillen since she stood up for herself: Wanda Sykes had her on the other day and invited her to attend the LA GLAAD awards and introduce Wanda when she gets her award. Then Ellen sprang a $30,000 scholarship on her, funded by tonic.com, which has also offered her an internship.

  3. artemis54 Says:

    Brother where art thou?

    VA AG Cuckoo Cooch Cuccinelli is on CSPAN refighting the Civil War.

  4. artemis54 Says:

    All this attention on the House and Pelosi. Anyone have any doubt Reid will find a way to fuck it up?

  5. artemis54 Says:

    I know the vibe you’re talking about – not nearly as present in that one as elsewhere imo.

    You hear the idea all the time that either we could just move, or alternately we can just ship all these resources back. You have to be severely math deficient to so badly misunderestimate the cost of escaping gravity.

    [Andy Rooney] You know what gripes my ass? The people who rabbit on about the glory of god etc. and think they have some right ordained by god to destroy ancient ecosystems for their carwash, golf course, or berry farm. And by the way Hannity, the delta smelt is not a minnow, you fucking jackass.[Andy Rooney]

    When the storm we are inviting hits, a jobs bill and a Sunday session in DC ain’t gonna be much help.

  6. sisdevore Says:

    Well, in the long view of the future, maybe moving to other planets will make I/P issues less dramatic.

  7. sisdevore Says:

    (wordpress is acting bad lately)

    this was the link:


    • cometman Says:

      If the sci fi writers are any judge, sadly you are probably right. I’ve read quite a few recently where in future extraterrestrial human civilizations, the earth is either portrayed as a completely or almost completely forgotten backwater or trashed so much it is no longer habitable.

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