Twist and Shout


I can think of no better phrase to describe the “Health Care” “debate”. Yes, the doubling of italics is apt.

It was more than hilarious just watching the diary pile-up on the Daily Pus. Especially since there are so few of their “400k subscribers”–or whatever they claim these days– that can even be funny anymore.

But what is really more distressing is that all sides of the arguments–or the meta arguments–are so wrapped up in reactionary, faith-based thinking.

To distill the main containers of the “Democratic” side:

The looming bill is so compromised, it will only throw a pair of crutches to the for-profit medical system in this country, making future reform impossible.

Any reform must be passed or Obama’s presidency is doomed, and future reform will be impossible.

When you have 2 groups of people, believing they are diametrically opposed, yet coming to the same ultimate conclusions, what can one say?

That they are only responding to the narratives placed before them.

While complaining of mainstream media, they bow to the proffered “wisdom” of the same, locked in some sort of competition to become mainstream themselves.

Not only does everyone know the predictable behavior of any faction in the game, but they all believe they can only respond in their own predictable way.

I don’t believe any side is actually analyzing the realities in what bills may be presented–they are merely pushing mythologies in response to clumsy narratives.

Because that seems to be the preference of most Americans.

It is sadly, impossible to consider ditching a mediocre health care bill, because….we know Obama’s failure will be compared to Clinton’s failure, so we have to believe that some sort of magic will follow the passage of the bill, and there will be redemption!

But no one really wants to make a decision, because decisions have consequences that might even be different than those predicted. And everyone is sure their prediction will be correct, anyway.


2 Responses to “Twist and Shout”

  1. artemis54 Says:

    Good news for the day: The Maldives announced today a total ban on shark fishing. Its economic zone, some 35,000 square miles, will become a shark sanctuary effective July 1.

    As the article points out, simple economics is sufficient to drive the move, other considerations aside.

  2. artemis54 Says:

    I believe you’ve hit it square on the head.

    Maybe both sides are right. Reform is impossible. Maybe if I stay in the house to avoid the perils on the street a meteor will crash through the roof and get me. When nothing is goal driven and everything is driven by (curiously, given the subject at hand) the avoidance of risk – any risk, all risks, new theoretical ones every day – it’s true: everything is impossible.

    So many headwaters contributing to this Amazon of confusion. One starter is that health insurance is unlike any other insurance in that you are not betting against an unlikely event, but a nearly certain one. You’re asking an insurance company to pay for routine checkups? But that’s just me. I don’t see why they should even exist.

    The endless prattling about process is enough to convert one to a fervent belief in censorship. What if we pulled the plug and instead of listening to idiots like Chuck Todd and a thousand others regurgitate the polls every day people had to go looking for some real information? Maybe they’d value it a little.

    But start with the unbearable little snot mamz, on tv today launching his campaign to purge Kucinich from the party. The little prig could start by learning to pronounce the man’s name.

    It all serves to make me glad that the rentboys of the Senate won’t be taking up climate change, biodiversity issues, or anything else of real import any time soon.

    (btw, nice trick with the email!)

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