Live-flogging the SOU–skating on Zinn ice


it’s not even starting on time…..


43 Responses to “Live-flogging the SOU–skating on Zinn ice”

  1. sisdevore Says:

    I’m sacking off with a Leonard Pitt’s novel. “Before I forget”

  2. sisdevore Says:

    too tired to watch the spin.

  3. sisdevore Says:

    oh, instead of sex:

  4. artemis54 Says:

    Crap. I was hoping for more Goober Jindal wandering around his gothic mansion.

    • cometman Says:

      Who gets to do the GOP rebuttal this time? I’m really hoping its the S. Carolina Lt. governor.

      • artemis54 Says:

        The new Virginia guv. Just kind of a mush. They shouldn’t try to follow Bam if they can’t do any better than that.

  5. sisdevore Says:

    Joe Lieberman just gave a sour face.

    I think Obama is doing pretty fair, all things considered.

    • artemis54 Says:

      He made it hard for the gop to say no. And he’s going a long way on charm alone. You work with what you got.

  6. sisdevore Says:

    ok, it is the right thing to do.

  7. sisdevore Says:

    oh c’mon support the women in Afghanistan, but not your own gay citizens?

  8. sisdevore Says:

    stupid on Iran, as usual.

    No doubt he will never mention Israel policy.

  9. sisdevore Says:

    fuzzy on the afghan–I only hope it leads to DADT……

  10. cometman Says:

    You are performing a valuable service. I have been banished from the living room by the wife and mother in law so they can watch in peace since I can’t keep from heckling.

  11. artemis54 Says:

    Finally found Patty Murray, hiding behind the Supremes. As so often at these public events, she looks like she just bit into a questionable oyster.

  12. sisdevore Says:

    you have to hand it to him that it is not a gwb speech.

  13. sisdevore Says:

    calling on bipartisanship…….

  14. sisdevore Says:

    did Mitch (troutface) McConell just applaud?

    oh….I suspect it is all performance.

    the dog is whining, but I have to hang in to see what he says about DADT.

  15. sisdevore Says:

    he does love the center stage, unlike wifey.

  16. artemis54 Says:

    And now for the comedy portion of our program.

  17. sisdevore Says:

    Columbia is a key partner….hmmmm.

    Wonder what “a world-class education” means.

  18. sisdevore Says:

    so far I think he proposed abt. 3 million jobs in American, that is down by about 7 million.

  19. artemis54 Says:

    Here we go again with the clean coal.

    Clean coal is made of unicorn turds.

    Climate bill: elected members of the US govt actually laughing at the notion of climate change. This country is truly hopeless.

  20. sisdevore Says:

    he’s caving on energy policy–nuclear, offshore oil, the phony “clean coal”

  21. sisdevore Says:

    he’s wearing a red tie, and Biden is wearing a purple one.

    Michelle is wearing a purple dress.

  22. sisdevore Says:

    Notice some “texting” addicts among members of congress.

    • artemis54 Says:

      Really seems like bad stagecraft on their part, as does all the stone face from the gop. A little polite applause would get the point across without seeming so boorish.

  23. sisdevore Says:

    I stepped away to wash my stockings for tomorrow & my face.

    another spank the bank line.

    30 billion to community banks from the biggies…..

  24. sisdevore Says:

    oh gawd–rationalizing the bailout. which has never really been explained.

    they keep flashing to Geitner’s face

  25. artemis54 Says:

    Schmaltz overload. Decency, hardworking blah blah. This ain’t even touching it so far.

  26. sisdevore Says:

    oh..we are all resilient. we are all Elizabeth Edwards now.

  27. sisdevore Says:

    yes we do not understand why wall street is rewarded. by you.

  28. artemis54 Says:

    Nancy sure has her serious face on tonight. I wonder if she’s packing, just in case Joe Wilson tries popping off again.

  29. sisdevore Says:

    “we all have the clap”

  30. sisdevore Says:

    skate of the union?

    oh, btw–nancy kerrigan’s bro murders her dad?

  31. sisdevore Says:

    This is interrupting the dog’s pee-time, so it better be good.

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