Season’s bleatings


A few of my favorite carols.

I was gonna buy you a present, but then I got high:


It’s 4 a.m., and I don’t know where my Senate is:


An instant classic. A year on, nothing has changed, and there is no reason to think it ever will:


Thanks to my aunt, Christmas will always mean Ella. If people don’t laugh from sheer joy listening to Ella, I wonder if they have a pulse:


Atheism is all very well. I am one. But once we believed, actually believed, in something besides money. Heard any centuries old songs about credit default swaps lately? Berrog├╝etto’s Nadal de Luintra:



20 Responses to “Season’s bleatings”

  1. deedogg Says:

    greetings to all of you. I hope everything is going great during what if any holiday season you are observing.

    • sisdevore Says:

      well, deedogg, welcome to our little manger. how’s the fighting going on in those places where you blog?

      Please don’t sing “Greensleeves” or “Little Town of Bethlehem” to melvin; he’s on the verge.

      I have enough time off–until January 5th–to write a book. I’m thinking of something inspirational: “Chicken Soup for Dummies”?

      • artemis54 Says:

        Maybe we could collaborate on “Ipecac for the Soul”

      • deedogg Says:

        only place that is really fighting is the great orange satan, I can not post there as myself so I don’t care. Lots of crazy talk at Pffcamp, but that is just a few folks and their socks, They are not fighting just stroking each other. DD is becoming increasingly hostile to orange, as more and more of their posters get banned from the GOS. Banning seems to not go over very well. Pretty quiet everywhere else.

        I mostly lurk here(everywhere else too), but read an article that people loved comments on their blogs, so resolved to try and post more.

        Thanks- I always consider everyone here to be my internet friends.

  2. sisdevore Says:

    “Snow was general all over Ireland….”

    I just thought of a great environmental awareness product–instead of those little snow globes with their charming scenes, you have acid rains and their consequences, a depleted ozone layer…..oh why not extend it to drones? sounds like an art project.

    I must discover the secrets of snow globe construction.

    • artemis54 Says:

      Drone globes! Only from the mind of Devore.

      There has to be a way. We made them in grade school, but I can’t remember what the snow material was. What a fantastic teacher. She cast me as Ebenezer Scrooge later on. December was always given over to the construction of cardboard dioramas, any subject you wanted. She later told me December was hopeless anyway, might as well burn off some energy.

      • sisdevore Says:

        it’s always about the snows of yesteryear.

        I neglected to take advantage of 2 Blockbusters closing down, one in the hood, one in the work hood. I might have gotten Catch-22 & The Deer Hunter for cheap.

        “Help the bombadier!”

        “I am the bombadier!”

        And yes, Frosty the Snowman prophesied global warming!

        I’m reading a Pete Hamill novel “North River”. It’s good enough.

        I’m doing laundry. I’m running another dishwasher load–my dishwasher is very white noise.

        The poinsettia is still alive. Unlike hope.

        • artemis54 Says:

          You can find directions online. I remember something abot them needing a day/night temp differential. Euphorbia myrsinites is my favorite weed.

          My kid’s dad had an interest in genealogy as well as botany. His proudest discovery in the family tree was that he was related to the mother of Joel Poinsett, who “discovered” the poinsettia. Of course it was quite familiar to the indigenous folks.

          • sisdevore Says:

            yes, there is online directions

            but I’m thinking further ahead–how do you create a mushroom cloud in a snow globe?

            why didn’t I study engineering?

  3. cometman Says:

    Question for you melvin. How do you embed non-youtube videos on to wordpress? I was fooling around with some Vodpod doohickie that wordpress has that supposedly lets you embed all kinds of different video formats but i couldn’t get it to work. Is that what you used or is wordpress just allowing other formats now?

  4. cometman Says:

    I do really like getting together for a big meal and hearing from friends on xmas. Now that I have a spawn of my own I’ve developed a new found appreciation for those photo holiday cards with pictures of people’s kids on them which I always used to think were kind of cheesy. Not a huge fan of dragging the holiday out for weeks and all the consumer and religious claptrap that goes with it though.

    My favorite xmas entertainment has become Bad Santa.

    • artemis54 Says:

      Christmas Day was always given over to card games in my family. The ones who cooked did all of it the day before or early in the morning, then a whole day of Tom & Jerry’s, pinochle, and poker. Not a real religious bunch.

  5. sisdevore Says:

    Yesterday I recieved, what will no doubt be my best present this year:

    I hope it doesn’t put you over the edge, melvin.

  6. artemis54 Says:

    The snow falls on the just and the unjust. For me, Christmas is a time for liquor, to kill the memories.

    I am one inch away from being a Christian. The attraction is on purely aesthetic grounds. Hell of a tough inch though, an impossible inch.

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