Peripheral vision stuff…Jane the hamster becomes the new Cindy Sheehan


There are several good things currently on the Village Voice site, but the article “Social Media ruined the Internet”, is concise:

Why This Decade Sucked, Reason #10

And what could display this more than dk-land–my nomination for blog most likely to parody itself, however unintentional. This is what you get when you try to corral masses. I haven’t czeched for about 10 minutes, but the wrecklist has imploded with Jane Hamsher diaries. Pontificator writes a short one, and the clamberers descend upon him with THIS IS NOT A DIARY! Delete. wmstriallawyer writes something marginally longer, but he is “respected” I guess. Anyway, both are recc’d, and it is likely this will become a “legendary” crisis, eventually addressed by Mediocre Shades.

There is so much advertising at that site now, it’s a visual equivalent of junk mail.

Otherwise in my peripheral vision of the internet these days–a preponderance of ads that claim “a single mother invented this”, “a stay at home mom is making $90 an hour doing….” “Obama wants moms to go back to school” First of all, the implication that a single mom could accomplish something. If a single mom can do it, so can you! It is also clear, in this perpetual recession economy that female employment rules, cuz–face it–we are cheaper. Rosy the riveting.

The voice had a couple other things that showed some sorely needed originality.

Jerry Lewis’s Daughter Is Related To Rachel Uchitel!
By Michael Musto in Featured, celebs
Tuesday, Dec. 22 2009 @ 9:30AM

This one gets complex, so bear with me, kids.

Susan Lewis says she’s the out-of-wedlock daughter of comic Jerry Lewis, and an Inside Edition-conducted DNA test determined it’s quite likely she is (though Jerry doesn’t want to address the subject and he certainly doesn’t want to throw money her way. In his mind, the term “Jerry’s kids” doesn’t include Susan.)

Well, Susan tells me she has yet another interesting relation.

​”Rachel Uchitel is my cousin,” she said into my voicemail, referring to the first of Tiger Woods’s gals to be spotlighted by the press.

“I’ve been trying to reach Rachel’s lawyer, Gloria Allred,” continued Susan, “and I’m having a hard time getting through to her, even though I tell them who I am.

“I haven’t been in contact with Rachel since she was a baby because I lived in France for years.

“But I’d like to try to help in some way and see if she could help me.”

I think that is rather comparable to Barack Obama being related to Cheney.

Oh–and masculine cupcakes:

My goal, at present is to actually keep a poinsettia alive.


9 Responses to “Peripheral vision stuff…Jane the hamster becomes the new Cindy Sheehan”

  1. sisdevore Says:

    I am watching a hardball segment–may be from yesterday–and there is this horrid woman on, who LAUGHINGLY says, with reference to new york being safer “the crack addicts are dead, that’s why it is safer.”

    and apparently, Obama’s NPR statement carries the phrase “what the left doesn’t understand… that the HCR is the greatest legislation since Medicare, the New Deal…

    GMAFB! He is mainlining his own koolaid!

  2. artemis54 Says:


    Image of state of Nebraska appears in state of Nebraska

  3. artemis54 Says:

    This clip is the first of five. I think it is a Discovery Channel docko.

  4. artemis54 Says:


    The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.

    What if there is no new?

    Ennui Becomes Us

    Contemporary international relations is moving toward a state of entropy. Chaos and randomness abound. Now, the story of world politics unfolds without coherence, unfettered by classic balance-of-power politics, a plotless postmodern work starring a menagerie of wildly incongruent themes and protagonists, as if divinely plucked from different historical ages and placed in a time machine set for the third millennium. We live in an era in which unprecedented globalization and economic interdependence, liberal-democratic hegemony, nanotechnology, robotic warfare, the “infosphere,” nuclear proliferation and geoengineering solutions to climate change coexist with the return of powerful autocratic-capitalist states, of a new Great Game in Central Asia, of imperialism in the Middle East, of piracy on the high seas, of rivalry in the Indian Ocean, of a 1929-like market crash, of 1914-style hypernationalism and ethnic conflict in the Balkans, of warlords and failed states, of genocides in Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur, and of a new holy war waged by radical Islamists complete with caliphates and beheadings reminiscent of medieval times. In short, we live in a Thomas Pynchon novel.

    Thought provoking article. If one were to accept it, there would be little left but to tend one’s garden. Without meaning to, sort of makes the case for NGOs. (Someone really needs to mount a thorough critique of the undemocratic aspects of NGOs if that’s all we have left.)

  5. artemis54 Says:

    RIP Rain Man

    Kim Peek died of a a heart attack at age 58.

    Salt Lake Tribune obituary

    • cometman Says:

      Hadn’t heard that. Very sad. After reading the obituary I realized that I don’t think I’ve ever seen the movie Rain Man. I’ve seen documentaries about Peek and read about him but I always thought DeNiro played him in the movie. I’ve been confusing it with “Awakenings” which I did see and was quite good from what I remember.

  6. deedogg Says:

    dk has continued to become more and more pathetic all the time. Making fun of them has even lost some of its appeal.

  7. artemis54 Says:

    The most hated of the week is usually good for up to a hundred diaries and many rec list entries. Not a good time to advertise that new cure for cancer on dk.

    It’s visual assault and battery with those wierd color ads that surround the whole site. Never seen that anywhere else. It reminds me of Stark’s catalog, the fruit tree company.

    Those are some nice looking cupcakes but I cannot let this bacon thing pass. Bacon does not belong in dessert, period. The madness has to stop.

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