Leaked document: UN, developed countries have no clothes


It’s all a lie, and they know it’s all a lie.

A leaked analysis of the promises of the developed countries assumes that those promises are acted on – unlikely enough in itself – and concludes that

. . . . global emissions will peak later than 2020 and remain on an unsustainable pathway that could lead to concentrations equal or above 550 ppm with the related temperature raise around 3° . . . .

More at 350

More at DeSmogBlog

Obama needs to be called on this bullshit, and on his phony 17% cut (actually 4%, he is at this point just betting on the stupidity of the American public) and on the $100 billion that includes how much from the US again? Clinton is getting away with headlines about $100 billion, when she has actually promised exactly zero from the US. And, and, and . . . .


One Response to “Leaked document: UN, developed countries have no clothes”

  1. artemis54 Says:

    Not a solar powered camel, but a solar powered mobile clinic. The power is needed to refrigerate vaccines and medications headed for remote areas.

    Read all about it at inhabitat.

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