Vandana Shiva in Copenhagen


Thank god for Amy Goodman. While the networks and everyone else, including the darling msnbc, continue with the dull as dishwater Tiger saga for hour after hour, day after day, breaking only to inform us of Sarah Palin’s latest antics, she is busy interviewing the likes of Kumi Naidoo or chasing Desmond Tutu through the streets of Copenhagen.

Up first today, 12/15: Bill McKibben.


4 Responses to “Vandana Shiva in Copenhagen”

  1. artemis54 Says:

    Breaking: Oral Roberts is dead.

    He is survived by his brother Rectal and a legacy of anti-intellectualism and hate that still has even odds of wrecking this country.

  2. sisdevore Says:

    sounds like it should be called Can’tCopenhagen:

    • artemis54 Says:

      The stars are starting to come out. Your guv actually gave one of the best presentations I’ve heard from any government type: Ahnuld begins at 23:20. He emphasizes the importance of “sub-national governments” – and he has a right to – as well as NGOs etc. Interesting that he holds up and cites his mother in law as en example of the power of nongovernment actors.

      He also went after Palin today, saying she has nothing to say and is just out to make a quick buck. I don’t see many other GOP willing to state the simple truth.

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