Congratulations WildlifeDirect


(Christmas card, part of a set available from the Lion Guardians)

Mongabay has awarded its Innovation in Conservation Award for 2009 to WildlifeDirect.

WildlifeDirect is a social networking site with an actual purpose: connecting working conservationists to an interested global audience. It is home to more than a hundred blogs, almost all written by wildlife rangers, scientists, workers at rehabilitation centers and sanctuaries, and others engaged in wildlife conservation in the field in Africa, South America, and Asia.

WD also provides a uniform, secure route for donations in support of all these projects and oversees the books of each. It guarantees that 100% of donated money goes where it is intended, minus only the inevitable bank fees – and it strives to minimize those.

What is compelling about the WD blogs is the immediacy of each individual voice. This is not the abstract view from space one gets from the big box conservation agencies. No discussions of COPs, MOPs, aspirational goals, and political wrangling. Instead the reader feels the heat and the exhaustion and shares the joy of one more orphaned chimp returned to the wild or the fear when influenza strikes a bonobo sanctuary (documented at one of my favorites, Lola Ya Bonobo). If you have a question about some detail, you can ask it. If you donate money, chances are you will be personally thanked.

With donations down everywhere, there couldn’t be a better time for WildlifeDirect to get the publicity this award will bring.


One Response to “Congratulations WildlifeDirect”

  1. artemis54 Says:

    Hmmm . . . .

    According to her father, Sarah Palin quit college in Hawaii partly because of the annoying prevalence of Asians and Pacific Islanders – in a sane world this should be more than enough to sink whatever fantasies she may still have about national political office.

    What’s more though is the idea that Hawaii was not “glamorous” enough for her, so she hied herself to a community college in Coeur d’Alene and then UofI in Moscow, Idaho.

    I am quite familiar with both places and they have considerable charms. But glamorous is not a word that springs to mind.

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