Friday smörgåsbord


11 Responses to “Friday smörgåsbord”

  1. sisdevore Says:

    I loved the underwater meadow, despite a seeming lack of lesbians….

    The turtle story is awful–I suggest the newlyweds stay deep within their shells for the wedding.

  2. artemis54 Says:

    Palau has declared its entire Exclusive Economic Zone, some 240,000 square miles of ocean, a shark sanctuary.

    All commercial shark fishing is banned in the area. President Toribiong also called for a global moratorium on shark finning and more restrictions on bottom trawling.

    How they can enforce this is anyone’s guess.

  3. artemis54 Says:

  4. artemis54 Says:


    I think I’m in love. Watch this Romanian woman take on Kirk Cameron and his plan to give away 50,000 copies of The Origin of Species defaced with a 50-page creationist introduction.

    Now that’s an ass chewing.

    • cometman Says:

      That was awesome.

    • artemis54 Says:

      Since we’ve had a lot of views on this, i wish I had referenced the infamous banana argument for creationism mentioned in the above clip. It argues that the banana, perfectly fit for the human hand and mouth, is Exhibit A for creationism.

      Two points, leaving aside for the moment the hilarious homosexual overtones and undertones:

      1) The banana used in the illustration is a Cavendish cultivar, developed through selective breeding, a speeded up subset of evolutionary processes. Selected to enhance the very things discussed, ease of opening and hand fit, along with sweetness, textural appeal in the mouth, etc, it bears little resemblance to wild banana species – as god left them.

      2) There are a number of other foods that argue the opposing view. Let’s just instance the coconut with its difficult access both on the tree and once in hand. Never mind all the foods that are actually poisonous until cooked or processed in some other manner. Of course, that is why god invented fire, pickling, and power drills.

  5. artemis54 Says:

    Google Earth launches new Climate Change tour series and a COP15 Youtube channel

    Google climate change tools for COP15

  6. artemis54 Says:

    Romance, South Carolina style:

    A romantic marriage proposal on a Hilton Head Island beach Tuesday night had an unintended consequence — the death of about 60 federally protected loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings.

    A man had placed about 150 luminarias — bags with a lit candle inside — in the shape of a heart on the beach near Palmetto Dunes, according to volunteers with the Sea Turtle Project who monitor the nests.

    After the proposal, the visiting couple apparently retired to their rental home without extinguishing the lights.

    An estimated 60 baby sea turtles emerged from a nearby nest a short time later and became disoriented by the light, said Sarah Skigen, natural resources associate for the Town of Hilton Head Island and a turtle patrol volunteer.

    The next morning, Skigen and others found tiny tracks heading in all directions, except toward the ocean. Some tracks repeatedly encircled the luminarias where the hatchlings succumbed either to weakness or ghost crabs. Others headed into the sand dunes, nearby lagoons and backyards.

    Plans for the honeymoon have not yet been made public.

    These fucking nitwits will probably have fifteen children even more ignorant than themselves.

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