Soon to be deleted at Opera Glasses and Popcorn


9. Miss Devore – 4 September 2009

although I realize my comment will be deleted shortly, I was thinking about what the Mcatter’s actual reactions would be if Obama were assassinated.

Yes, i voted for Obama. And I still think it was different from choosing McCain. The latter, I believe, would have taken military action against Iran.

Yes, I have to acknowledge that Obama was not prepared to fight the MIC. And that he is dismally following many Dubya precedents.

But I also think it is true that there has been set loose a sentiment in this country that might inevitably lead to Obama’s assassination. And where would we go from there? Biden becomes LBJ and manages to pass the campaignObama agenda?

All across California, we are seeing the ruins of Reaganism and Howard Jarvits. Sadly, the Democratic party still remains the bitch.They embrace the rethug concept that Carter was a huge looser, so they are completely deaf to “Peace not Apartheid.”


3 Responses to “Soon to be deleted at Opera Glasses and Popcorn”

  1. artemis54 Says:

    What was the first clue that we didn’t wake up in Cockaigne? The same old atrazine- and mercury-tainted water coming out of the faucets instead of milk and honey?

    All that presidential politics is about any more is dodging bullets – President Palin? What’s the alternative? As a society we are so degraded that the choice is between a corrupt corporatist Dem party trying to keep the lid on and continue forever the failed neoliberal paradigm, and a theocrat party most of whose members belong in an insane asylum.

    Obama isn’t perfection and a bag of chips? I am so surprised. But there’s a ratchet mechanism in effect. It only goes right. The “discussion” in the media now about whether or not Obama plans to steal the minds of the little chirren or not. As if they hadn’t already been stolen and corrupted for five generations now by Disney and McDonalds.

    Having said that my disgust with Obama has reached critical mass. A failure, fraud, phony and liar on so many fronts. Start wherever you want; mountaintop removal will do. The litany runs to several pages now, and we haven’t reached 9/11.

    And I very well may have to vote for him again.

    When all else fails, I go recharge my batteries. It used to be nonpolitical, before the war.

  2. sisdevore Says:

    oh, her response:

    Note to the spam file.

    I cannot imagine that anyone is so limited, so star struck, so Dem party struck blind (at this late date) as to think if Obama were assassinated that Biden would …how was it put? fulfill the Obama campaign promises, fulfill the Obama campaign agenda… soemthing like that…

    What about 30+ years of Biden did you miss?

    What about Dem party bait and switch electoral politics did you miss? Especially as it is their tired and tedious calling card.

    Are you for fucking real?

  3. sisdevore Says:

    My response to her response:

    Spam I am. I guess you didn’t get the snark.The point was the sellout/destruction of this country began with Reagan and yes, Dems like Clinton capitulated, and yes, there was naivete among Obama voters, that he could do anything in a system so locked in.

    But I still think it would be horrid if he were assassinated, as if we have to play the full drama out and recognize the deep racism that made this country, the racism that insists on winning.

    And please, don’t reduce this comment to the implication that I am accusing anyone critical of Obama is a racist.

    I am referring to the Christian preachers who are praying for his death, the armed folks at the town halls, etc. And the media that supports them. Again, locked in.

    The question was where do we go from here.


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