“Toast cannot be explained” – Margaret Atwood on Oryx and Crake


A special interest here. My favorite living author, Margaret Atwood, discusses my favorite of her books, Oryx and Crake. This video is several years old and an hour long but for me it is like a roll in fresh sweet catnip. Since discovering it this morning I have watched it three times.

There are a few minutes of introduction first, then Atwood. The best part is the lengthy Q & A, the last half, but her reading is wonderful too.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Oryx and Crake is the last novel I read that made me laugh for page after page. If you don’t get that, you don’t get Atwood.


2 Responses to ““Toast cannot be explained” – Margaret Atwood on Oryx and Crake”

  1. artemis54 Says:

    Madison, WI has designated an official city bird: the plastic pink flamingo.

  2. artemis54 Says:

    Trotted out my old salmon standby tonight, Miss D.

    A mild onion, chopped, over medium low for a while, then clear an area for the salmon, skin side down, and crank it up enough to crisp the skin. Cover with chopped up apple – Gala from a family tree – splash of lemon, and cover till salmon is done, which isn’t long, just almost raw in the very middle.

    The key here is the onions are not caramelized, just below that, creamed and soft so they moosh together with the apple. Have to time it right, one of the few dishes where I actually stand there and watch it.

    Quite simple but it blew the kid and his friends away so I guess I got it right this time. Normally I’m a purist with salmon and add nothing at all except maybe just a few drops of soy and a few drops of lemon.

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