Aug 11: Latest Updates from Siskiyou Crest Transect


Added: videos from Days 4 and 5

Day Two:

Later in the day, our friends experienced the full meteorological joy of ridge hiking. Anything can happen, and typically does.

Day Three:

Note that the big white spot on the right of the Red Buttes panorama is not snow but an outcrop of marble, typical of Siskiyou geology.

New photos added too

KS Wild proposes a unique management plan for the monument that would restore to the Karuk Tribe the highest possible degree of control over that portion of their ancestral homeland that lies within its boundaries – half the California portion. These are uncharted waters. From KS Wild’s August 8 press release, unfortunately in WordDoc:

Much of the southwest corner of the proposed Siskiyou Crest National Monument is recognized as the ancestral homeland of the Karuk Tribe of the Mid-Klamath River. The Karuk are a federally recognized Tribe, but have no deeded reservation land. The Karuk government has a well-developed Department of Natural Resources and has articulated a vision of land management and restoration that coincides largely with KS Wild’s conservation goals. This campaign embraces a nearly unprecedented approach that seeks to establish a special designation within the Monument that would increase the Tribe’s management authority in their homeland.

The wildlife reports on twitter are getting more interesting, including a spotted owl serenade.

Day 4: ironic tweeting, red rocks, livestock

Day 5: a meetup with enthusiastic local supporters of SCNM.

Here we are, in one of the world’s 26 biological hotspots, and it’s time to save our own back yard.


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