For all those fearing living wills…


I’ve been watching some clips about Obama’s healthcare “town halls”, and the constant question from the elderly participants about whether government agents will descend upon them asking them how they would like to die.

(Seriously, I can only imagine government agents trying to figure out who would like to die in Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan.)

Anyway, as a consequence of my huge memory glands, I was sure that the dubya had weighed in on living wills:

Laura Bush has disclosed that she and her husband have living wills that would guide medical decisions if either of them became incapacitated like the Florida woman whose case has dominated public debate for weeks.

Bush, speaking Tuesday to reporters during a flight to Afghanistan, called it a “very, very difficult time” for the family of the woman, Terri Schiavo, but said she was “encouraged” that the case had spurred others to create living wills.

“I hear the numbers of people inquiring about living wills or writing living wills increased dramatically, and I think that is really good,” she said. “The president and I have living wills, and of course our parents do, and they wanted us always to be aware of it.

“I think that is important for families to have an opportunity to talk about these issues.”

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