Let’s play ball!


I’m under no illusion that Obama isn’t even slicker than Slick Willie. He bests him. In the midst of our precarious foreign policy and our jobless recovery, he comes up with his All-Star game thang, just as Sottomayor is getting grilled and health care is on the line.If you want the visuals, go to the Al Rodgers diary at the dkstand. (I never minded Al Rodgers at dk–he really stepped out of the way when dkland was pushing Johnny Porno Edwards)

That said, Obama threw out the pitch, with that leg-lift like a pitcher. Dubya fancied himself Mr. Beisbol, but I don’t think he did the leg thang.

And Obama wore a White Sox jacket, and didn’t do the mealy politician thang with trying to please both sides. A sincere fan will never do that. Score one for O.

Talking to Willie Mays on Air Force One? Can you say “Impossible Catch!” or “The Giants win the Pennant, the Giants Win the Pennant”

Even the smaller things–the reception line up. Lou Brock–once a joke as a Cub, but traded to Hall-of-Fame status.

And Stan Musial in the same reception line. Obviously, here is the time to repeat my Stan Musial Trauma. Cubs playing Cards at Wrigley Field. Stan Musial is doing autographs in the area behind home plate. I am wearing this big-ass straw hat, because my mother worries about sunstroke. (In the winter she will insist on my wearing a “babushka” because of the cold and I resent having to go to school dressed as an Eastern European refugee)

Alas, leaning over, my straw hat falls off. I am sure that the great Stan Musial will notice and pick it up, and then, I can ask for his autograph. Instead, he ceases his kid-amusing times and walks away, crushing my straw hat with his spikes. My not-quite-a-year younger brother, eventually went over the wall and retrieved it for me.

That said, Mr. O hit all the right notes with baseball fans and the history thang.


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