with vine leaves in his hair, flushed and fearless


We have a little situation here.

I’ve mentioned the kid before. Today, his girlfriend who is staying with us until school starts in September was referred to as a “nigger bitch” in a public place, and no one did anything about it.

She came home around nine and told me the story. She had stopped in at the little pizza joint where they both occasionally help out, and was hanging out in the back room catching her breath for the walk home. It’s a good half mile, and while that is nothing to her – she is a great one for walking – she isn’t used to our heat.

This neanderthal with w h i t e p o w e r tattooed on his knuckles came in and asked the girl at the counter “Who’s that n b I saw _______ walking around with?” The girl, very young and flustered, just said “I don’t know, we’re really busy right now” and got rid of him.

Girlfriend told me the story. When I said “Well that’s just fucking charming” she laughed and said oh it’s just words. She seems not to be bothered much at all.

Not so her boyfriend, who got wind of all this a little later and spent the entire evening until 3 a.m. trying with no luck to track down the perp and “beat the shit out of him.”

He came home draggling those vine leaves and still in a blood rage. Partly it is just the insult to his fair maiden, but it runs a little deeper than that. He was almost expelled from high school over a beef about his friends’ do-rags – banned as “gang paraphernalia” by the imbecile superintendent (these kids were about as thuggish as Steve Urkel) – and confederate flags – allowed as free speech. He hates these people as much as I do.

His first plan was to go to a picnic tomorrow – we were all invited – where he knows the little Hitler will be and try to kill him or at least put him in the hospital.

There’s part of me that admires the passion – ¡No Pasarán! – and feels basically the same way, but I just spent an hour on the choosing your battles talk, more effective ways, blah blah blah. No picnic for us. Maybe the Chinese buffet and a movie.

Removing the vine leaves, I felt old and almost dirty.


2 Responses to “with vine leaves in his hair, flushed and fearless”

  1. danl318 Says:

    jeepers, all these cross posts and multiple names make my head spin. now I know: artemis54 = melvin; you need a Rosetta Stone to keep it all straight. beautiful and chilling story.

  2. artemis54 Says:

    My apologies to Henrik Ibsen.

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