R I P Michael


Yeah, I was a fan. Sometimes a horrified one, but a fan still.

Not that it matters much, but just for now can we remember the remarkable talent, the genius, the energy, and forget the rest?


4 Responses to “R I P Michael”

  1. boran2 Says:

    A rather surreal end to a surreal life.

  2. sisdevore Says:

    Ok, I’ll have to admit that I saw parts of Jackson’s video “Thriller” for the first time tonight.
    As I often have had to explain that my username devorevolves from an episode from the Boris Karloff Tv series of the early 60’s named Thriller, I guess I have set myself apart from the run of humanity.

    But if you want real melodrama, czech out Olbermann’s gripes with the dkkers who dared to criticize after so long lionizing.

  3. artemis54 Says:

    I would be hard pressed to explain why, but this one cuts deep.

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