It came from the city dump


A team of researches examined the intestinal flora of Yellow-legged gulls in the south of France – life is just rough for some people – and found their guts filled with ever evolving antibiotic resistant bacteria. some wth more resistance than the same bacteria in humans. As the authors point out, this presents the possiblity of the birds transmitting the same bacteris, or strains with even greater resistance, back to the human population.

Dissemination of Escherichia coli with CTX-M Type ESBL between Humans and Yellow-Legged Gulls in the South of France

This is truly frightening, a horror story that really would seem to deserve a little more attention. Perhaps not so much for Marseilles, with its modern hygiene and very few children making their living picking through gull crap at the city dump for something to sell, or eat. But what of Africa?

And what of the possiblities for the same type of reservoirs of resistant bacteria developing in other animal populations that interact at a similar level with humans? Those kids tossing their half-chewed morning toast to the seals in the bay? To say nothing of rats and tree rats pigeons, which surely should be the next species examined.


6 Responses to “It came from the city dump”

  1. artemis54 Says:

    Did you notice, one of our “top searches” is now “lesbians underwater”?

    I’m thinking theme park.

  2. sisdevore Says:

    Your pets also want to kill you:

    • artemis54 Says:

      I have long suspected as much in the case of this cat.

      As you can see, I am suffering a bout of logorrhea.

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