If a massacre happens in the forest, and it isn’t on YouTube . . .


A new record of the recent attacks on indigenous Peruvians has surfaced, with 47 photographs, and been posted at Survival International.

Warning! Death at Devil’s Bend: an eyewitness account includes frank photographs of the dead and injured.

And when will there be an accounting for the missing? Not just in the last month, but in the last two years?

Much has been made of the repeal of the two obnoxious laws and the truce that now prevails. But given all the crocodille tears being shed over Iran, where is the outrage among the talking heads and the blogs over the actions of a government that is alleged to be an ally of the United States?

I do not want to diiminish the death of the poor young woman killed in the street in Tehran. But what about the little children of Bagua, with no one there to film their deaths? We can do effectively nothing about events in Iran. But it is in our power as a country to effect events in Peru.

If we weren’t too busy blathering about events outside our control.

If we cared.


8 Responses to “If a massacre happens in the forest, and it isn’t on YouTube . . .”

  1. cometman Says:

    Good article from George Monbiot on the dithering going on regarding climate change.

    At least these poor people are trying to put up a fight to preserve their heritage and habitat. The rest of us could learn a lot from them if stories like these were ever given the time of day.

    • artemis54 Says:

      Looks like Australia is going to throw in the towel and do nothing until after Copenhagen, Japan has set itself the most minimal of goals.

  2. sisdevore Says:

    Getting some attention today:


    • cometman Says:

      Seen that article on a couple sites today. But I heard it here first!

      Not sure why the story hasn’t been getting more press – I mean there was a good old fashioned massacre and everything. But that’s pretty much par for the course – not much news from the mainstream press from Bolivia when pro-Morales natives were slaughtered either.

    • artemis54 Says:

      Fantastic article by Hari. Thanks for the link as I rarely go to that place.

      Interesting that every other comment there is to the effect that the writer never heard of any of this before. So much of the blog world merely reacts to the television and the wingnuts. It certainly isn’t in their interest to discuss the Amazon.

      More tonight, right here, on indigenous battles.

  3. Stemella Says:

    I stumbled across Jeffers in the library one day and followed the beaky one to his eagle’s nest. He led me to Abbey and Snyder. Life hasn’t been the same since.

    It is a good thing to have distance from the sheeple, but it is dangerous to ever think oneself superior. Better to accept there is difference in ability, perception and interests and then there is less bitterness. It is the bitter taste from too much barfing that distracts the eyes, ears and hands from beauty.

    • artemis54 Says:

      I an across Snyder first and followed the trail backward to Robinson!

      I pledge allegiance to the soil
      of Turtle Island,

  4. artemis54 Says:

    It may be apocryphal, but Mark Twain is said to have remarked on the brand spanking new and much hyped telegraph connection between Main and San Francisco

    Maine has nothing to say to San Francisco.

    What if he was right?

    It’s a serious question. For instance, I don’t hate the people at DailyKos. Not really. But I have nothing to say to them, and they have nothing to say to me. Their obsessions seem self indulgent and childish to me, as mine do to them.

    What if there just isn’t any common ground any more? I feel like those survivalists: I know how to live off the land and nothing else. Why should I care what happens to all the fools who won’t listen? They certainly don’t care.

    Robinson Jeffers – one of my personal favorites – came up at another blog. Is there such a thing as being too thoroughly austere, no matter how driven? The public, the ongoing public, perhaps cares for Jeffers so little because he at times seems not to care much about them. And why should he? When do they offer a revelation, as the hawks do every morning? Or even any comfort? This common humanity business that’s trotted out whenever it suits the purpose of the day makes me wish I had stocked up with more Ipecac.

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