Clown show at Fort Detrick


The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) – famous for its role in the anthrax attacks – admitted yesterday that a physical inventory had turned up 9,220 vials of deadly pathogens not accounted for in its database. Just lying around unaccounted for in freezers.

The vials contained some dangerous pathogens, among them the Ebola virus, anthrax bacteria and botulinum toxin, and less lethal agents such as Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus and the bacterium that causes tularemia.

Who the hell knows how many other vials, of who knows what, have wandered off? Certainly not these idiots.

“Nine thousand, two hundred undocumented samples is an extraordinarily serious breach,” said Richard H. Ebright, a professor at Rutgers University who follows biosecurity. “A small number would be a concern; 9,200 . . . at an institution that has been the focus of intense scrutiny on this issue, that’s deeply worrisome. Unacceptable.”


Pretty much anyone who’s ever worked in a lab will admit to misplacing a tissue sample here or a reagent bottle there. But thousands of vials of Ebola? In the lab we were told was protecting us? We need to face the fact that there is simply no one minding the store.

Unacceptable seems a bit of an understatement.


3 Responses to “Clown show at Fort Detrick”

  1. cometman Says:

    Holy sheep shit. Been keeping my eye out for any news on the anthrax case and this is simply astounding. Just checked Meryl Nass’ blog after seeing you post since she had done quite a bit of reporting on this case. She seems pretty speechless too in this short post. She links to this blog and it does have lots of interesting information there. Don’t know much about this Lew Weinstein guy but he seems to have been in touch with Congress trying to figure out what the hell is going on regarding all the investigations which have been and still are being stonewalled.

  2. artemis54 Says:

    This is what the abdication of oversight looks like.

    This is just so appalling I am speechless.

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