BC Bald Eagle Cams


Live, from the Hancock Wildlife Foundation:

Sidney, near Victoria.

Hornby Island, in the ass-freezing cold Strait of Georgia.

I don’t know what’s up with the strange noises sometimes on the Hornby Island one.

The cams are actually live, although sometimes momma is so still the wind ruffling her feathers is the only clue. Or poppa. As David Hancock points out, both parents share nest duty, but momma, being larger and presumably somewhat sturdier, tends to take the rougher shifts.

Keep checking back. It will be even more entertaining when they hatch.

Speaking of videos, I caught The Thin Green Line on Nature last night and highly recommend it, particularly the latter part of the show about the scattered arks and rare successes at overcoming chytrid fungus. These are all we have at the moment.

The Thin Green Line is nature documentary at its absolute finest, but of the old school. To see what is really possible in the genre when filmmakers jump the rails, watch the chances of the world changing.


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